Chief Technology Officer,


Architectural Services

Founding Partner and Chief Technology Officer of MacLaurin Group, a provider of technical and data analytics M&A support for high growth companies. Alan supports portfolio company operations, having provided interim-CTO duties for Chicago Growth Partners and ParkerGale Capital. Alan served as full time CTO at Royall & Company where he was responsible for the architecture, development and maintenance of all systems to support the needs and requirements of clients.

With a deep background in high-volume server processing, Alan was the first U.K. Java Champion, a program by Oracle/Sun to recognize the Top 100 people who have contributed the most to Java. Alan graduated from the University of Paisley, Scotland, in the early 1990’s with a Hons BSc. degree in Computer Science with Digital Control.

Alan has published a number of books in the Java space covering Enterprise Java, Servlets, JavaMail and database access. He also served in the role of Editor-in-Chief for Java Developers Journal, one of the largest magazines in the space with a 200k monthly circulation.

Alan’s strengths support the building, mentoring, and scaling out of teams to execute the current and future requirements of the business. He is accomplished at articulating his technology vision, roadmap creation and execution, and return on investment at the Board and C-suite levels.

Alan believes software and development should be a lot easier and far more reliable than it is. He takes no prisoners and is quick to call out fads and trends that just rehash old techniques as something new and shiny.

He is currently writing a book on what makes a good CTO in a small to mid-size company. Please contact if you wish to share experience and wisdom.