Executive Team

Kelley W. Powell

Chief Executive Officer and Partner of MacLaurin Group. With over twenty years of business building experience, Kelley is sought after for her commitment to client success and value creation. Kelley leverages the power of technology and operations to facilitate client success and maximize the value of technology investments for high-growth companies. Supporting companies in growth and M&A activities, Kelley has served on the executive team for multiple private equity investments, from initial founder-led organization to multiple private equity-led cycles.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and best-selling author of Courage To Lose Sight of Shore: how to partner with private equity to grow your business with confidence, she is an avid mentor, angel investor, and chairwoman for the inaugural Virginia Commonwealth University da Vinci Center for Innovation Angels Advisory Board.

Kelley is a board member of the Richmond chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, KAYO private equity guide, member of WAVE, previous Chair for the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Richmond, and hosts MacLaurin Group’s Intimate Conversation series. Kelley served, by gubernatorial appointment, on Virginia’s Council on Women for STEM initiatives throughout the Commonwealth.

Jim Headley

Jim has a successful 20-year track record of applied business analytics responsible for the assessment, acquisition, and implementation of various Business Intelligence (BI) and marketing automation solutions, Jim is responsible for Data Analytics & Reporting and Business Intelligence.

Jim was an early adopter of AI solutions in the creation of marketing response and acquisition risk models. He has deep experience managing centralized analytic teams supporting a $2.7 billion credit portfolios in support of financial reporting, risk mitigation, portfolio performance and marketing.

Jim has extensive experience supporting operations management. Most notably by integrating enterprise management solutions with the existing data and software infrastructure. Jim has supported public, private and founder led organizations across multiple industries in recruiting, evaluating and acquiring executive technology resources. His deep analytic and professional development experience is invaluable in establishing a data-driven culture, while building and managing analytic teams supporting the entire organization and client success.

Alan Williamson

Chief Technology Officer and Partner of MacLaurin Group. Alan supports portfolio company operations through CTO and Architectural Advisory, having provided CTO executive team leadership for multiple private equity backed organizations.

Serving as technology principal at ParkerGale Capital, Alan rebuilt and delivered the complete architecture for their IoT company to run exclusively within Amazon cloud around a microservices design pattern, backed by a full RESTful API. With a deep background in high-volume server processing, Alan was the first U.K. Java Champion, a program by Oracle/Sun to recognize the Top 100 people who have contributed the most to Java. As a serial entrepreneur, Alan developed BlueDragon, a CFML (ColdFusion) engine, comparable to Adobe’s ColdFusion Systems, which powered MySpace.

Alan has published a number of books in the Java space covering Enterprise Java, Servlets, JavaMail and database access. He also served in the role of Editor-in-Chief for Java Developers Journal, one of the largest magazines in the space with a 200k monthly circulation at the time. Alan’s strengths support the building, mentoring, and scaling out of teams to execute the current and future requirements of the business. He is accomplished at articulating his technology vision, roadmap creation and execution, and return on investment at the Board and C-suite levels.